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e-invoice data auto-population to GSTR-1

To provide better user experience at the same time to curb the tax evasion, e-invoice is introduced from 1st Oct 2020 for taxpayers having turnover above Rs 500 Crores. Now the same is extended to taxpayers having turnover above Rs 100 crores from 1st Jan 2021 and which will be further expanded to all B2B transactions.

Data from Invoice Registration Portal will flow to GSTN portal to provide a seamless experience to taxpayers. e-invoice data will be updating the GSTR-1 for the outward supplies related to B2B transactions, Exports with payment of taxes, exports without payment of taxes and exports along with their respective Credit/Debit Notes if any.

In this context, GSTN has issued an advisory on the same and it can be accessed from here